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Graduate in International Business

Type de formation :
Diplômes Universitaires
Diplôme Universitaire - Graduate in International Business
Responsable pédagogique :
Emmanuel HOUZE
Emmanuel HOUZE
Gestionnaire administratif :


The GIB is a one-year graduate program at the University of Montpellier and completes a two-year graduate cycle.

The goal of the GIB is to provide broad instruction in the different disciplines of Business Management (Finance, Auditing, Marketing, etc.) with a specific technological and international orientation, for students wishing to follow an international career.



Application forms should be done online on the IAE website. The selection criteria are:

  • Successful completion of four years of University course work (240 ECTS credits obtained) or validated equivalence.
  • Justification of an adequate English level (in particular for members of non-English-speaking countries).


Career opportunities

  • International Business
  • International Management



Officer in charge of the GIB: Jessie Chiavassa
Tél.: +33 4 67 14 49 59

Head of the program: Emmanuel Houzé
Tél.: +33 4 67 14 49 59


Teaching orientation

The program closely integrates the acquisition of theoretical ideas and strategic skills by developing the students’ ability to think and apply acquired theory in real situations at a graduate level.

The courses are taught entirely in English; they are intended for English-speaking students (foreign or French) who wish to widen their fundamental and International Business Management experience in a context of multicultural training, enriched by the cultural diversity of the students in the program.

The courses are taught by a team of IAE teachers-researchers as well as guest lecturers from multinational corporations / Universities. The program consists of one semester of courses at IAE, based on lectures and small group work sessions. Some courses will be in the form of work seminars. Following this, the second semester comprises an internship and the writing of a report.


Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the GIB (Social Security not included): 2.250 € 


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